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Tianyi brief introduction

Tianyi Hotsprings Resort is adjacent to Guanzhai Mountain, national AAAA tourist attraction and key scenic spot, enjoying the reputation of “Wuyi Mountain in the North and Guanzhi Mountain in the South, two wonders of Danxia. It is about 15 kilometers (15 minutes) away from Zhu'anzhai/Kowloon Lake Scenic Area, 40 kilometers (35 minutes) away from 4A Tourist Attraction"Peitian Ancient Residence", 85 kilometers (55 minutes) away from 5A Tourist Attraction "Gutian conference Site", and 50 kilometers (45 minutes) away from "Lingtai Mountain Temple" in Sanming Qingliu.It is located in Liancheng County, the convergence of three provinces, Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi, with superior geographical conditions. The resort is 5km from the highway intersection, 7km from airport, 20km from railway station, with convenient traffic. It has been awarded numerous titles such as five-star tourist hotel,five-star hotspring enterprise, AAAA tourist attraction,green hotel at gold-leaf level and so on.creating a new hotspring resort integrating hotspring vacation, health care, entertainment, catering and accommodation, and real estate.

The resort has deluxe guest rooms. Chinese and Western restaurants, There are one multi-function hall being able to accommodate more than 300 people and a number of meeting rooms in different sizes, all of which are equipped with audiovisual equipment, simultaneous interpretation device, is an ideal place for you to organize various activities.

Hotspring Park is Fujians first large semi open-air hotspring themed by Hakka culture. It has more than one hundred kinds of hotspring therapies, including aroma, wine charm, fish therapy, herbal spa, to relieve your fatigue after business trip. The pavilions, brick tiles, curling eaves, carved dragons and painting in the park highlight the rich Hakka culture and customs. Moreover, there are a number of recreational activities such as gym, SPA hall, open-air swimming pool, wave pool and river rafting.

Tianyi information

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